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Johnson, James H., Jr.; Farrell, Walter C., Jr.; & Stoloff, Jennifer A. (1998). The Declining Social and Economic Fortunes of African American Males: A Critical Assessment of Four Perspectives. Review of Black Political Economy, 25(4), 17-40.


Considerable research has been devoted to the steadily deteriorating social and economic status of the African American male in urban America over the last quarter century. Their rates of school failure, joblessness, homicide, incarceration, and other antisocial behaviors far exceed those of their white, Hispanic, and Asian male counterparts. In fact, the magnitude of these problems has led some researchers to characterize the African American male as an endangered species.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Review of Black Political Economy


Johnson, James H., Jr.
Farrell, Walter C., Jr.
Stoloff, Jennifer A.