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Cotton, Christine E.; Tolman, Elizabeth Ely; Mack, Julia Cardona; Bender, Deborah E.; Carl, Linda; Harlan, Christina; Henshaw, Robert; Lorch, Claire; McQuiston, Chris; & Trester, Amy (2005). A Su Salud! Spanish for Health Professionals: Cuaderno. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press.


A group of health‐care and language professionals, faculty, and staff of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill developed ¡A su salud!: Spanish for Health Professionals in response to the urgent need for fluent Spanish speakers in health care due to the rapidly growing U.S. Latino population. This multimedia‐based course is designed to help English‐speaking health‐care workers and students at an intermediate level of Spanish to communicate effectively with Spanish‐speaking patients. It also introduces them to health‐related issues affecting the Hispanic immigrant community in the United States.

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Cotton, Christine E.
Tolman, Elizabeth Ely
Mack, Julia Cardona
Bender, Deborah E.
Carl, Linda
Harlan, Christina
Henshaw, Robert
Lorch, Claire
McQuiston, Chris
Trester, Amy