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Debe Cuidarse en la Calle


Barrington, Clare & Kerrigan, Deanna L. (2014). Debe Cuidarse en la Calle. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 16(3), 273-287. PMCID: PMC4141031


Encouragement to use condoms reflects the injunctive norm, or idea that you should use condoms. In our previous research with the regular male partners of female sex workers, in the Dominican Republic, we found that encouragement to use condoms with female sex workers from individuals in their personal social networks was not directly associated with condom use. In the current study, we used qualitative interviews to further explore the influence of social network norms on men's sexual-risk behaviours. We interviewed 11 steady male partners of female sex workers, with participants completing two interviews to achieve greater depth. We analysed data using analytic summaries and systematic thematic coding. All men perceived that the prevailing injunctive norm was that they should use condoms with sex workers. Men received encouragement to use condoms but did not articulate a link between this encouragement and condom use. Additionally, men who did not use condoms lied to their friends to avoid social sanction. Findings highlight that the influence of a pro-condom injunctive norm is not always health promoting and can even be negative. HIV-prevention efforts seeking to promote condom use should address the alignment between injunctive and descriptive norms to strengthen their collective influence on behaviour.


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Journal Article

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Culture, Health & Sexuality


Barrington, Clare
Kerrigan, Deanna L.