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Antibacterial Cleaning Products and Drug Resistance


Aiello, Allison E.; Marshall, Bonnie; Levy, Stuart B.; Della-Latta, Phyllis; Lin, Susan X.; & Larson, Elaine L. (2005). Antibacterial Cleaning Products and Drug Resistance. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 11(10), 1565-1570. PMCID: PMC3366732


We examined whether household use of antibacterial cleaning and hygiene products is an emerging risk factor for carriage of antimicrobial drug-resistant bacteria on hands of household members. Households (N = 224) were randomized to use of antibacterial or nonantibacterial cleaning and hygiene products for 1 year. Logistic regression was used to assess the influence of antibacterial product use in homes. Antibacterial product use did not lead to a significant increase in antimicrobial drug resistance after 1 year (odds ratio 1.33, 95% confidence interval 0.74-2.41), nor did it have an effect on bacterial susceptibility to triclosan. However, more extensive and longer term use of triclosan might provide a suitable environment for emergence of resistant species. Further research on this issue is needed.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Emerging Infectious Diseases


Aiello, Allison E.
Marshall, Bonnie
Levy, Stuart B.
Della-Latta, Phyllis
Lin, Susan X.
Larson, Elaine L.