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Nikhil Kothegal
Environmental Sciences, Epidemiology
Curriculum Vitae

I am interested in health-related research connecting areas of the environmental health sciences, epidemiology, and the social sciences. My current work focuses on water quality issues pertaining to land use in North Carolina (e.g. industrial agriculture), extreme weather events, and the emergence of antibiotic resistance. I earned an MPH (Global Health and Epidemiology) from Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice and completed an internship as a Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) intern in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Prior to starting the doctoral program at UNC, I worked for three years at the CDC as a Global HIV Surveillance Fellow on the General Population Surveillance Team, assisting in the implementation of Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA) surveys in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.

Research Interests

Environmental Health Microbiology, Human Land Use/Extreme Weather Impacts on Water Quality, One Health, Disease Surveillance, Environmental Justice, Social Movements and Health Equity, Community-Driven Research


Jill R. Stewart, Elizabeth Frankenberg