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The collection and dissemination of genome-wide mRNA expression profiles among Add Health respondents make possible for the first time cutting-edge, population-based gene expression studies that map connections among social experiences, the genetic regulation of the immune system, biomarkers, and very common forms of inflammatory morbidity and morbidity-specific mortality. No other data source has: the depth of longitudinal social, behavioral, environmental, genetic, and biological data; the breadth of multilevel longitudinal environmental exposures including the social, physical, and developmental environments over three decades of the life course; or the race, ethnic, socioeconomic status, and geographic diversity of Add Health's national sample. Analyses of these data could inform therapeutic interventions; identify new genetic mechanisms for GxE research; inform mechanistic models that link social circumstances with nhealth (thus targeting interventions and raising awareness about the consequences of social circumstances); and identify new molecular precipitants to disease, allowing for uniquely targeted interventions before the onset of frank illness.n n

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