CPC Phone Directory

The following directory contains contact information for all current CPC affiliates. Please let the CPC receptionist know of any updates or corrections. You may download a CSV version of the full listing which can be opened and formatted in MS Excel for easier printing.

Last Name First Name Email Telephone Affiliation
Adair Linda S. linda_adair@unc.edu (919) 962-6154 Fellow
Adamou Bridgit adamou@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0409 Project Personnel
Ahmad Unber usahmad@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Ahsan Karar Zunaid zunaid@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Aiello Allison aaiello@email.unc.edu (919) 962-7029 Fellow
Akin John S. john_akin@unc.edu Fellow
Alderman Shannon smrobins@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0410 Project Personnel
Alexander Madison mmalex@unc.edu (919) 445-9277 Project Personnel
Ammons Denise denise_ammons@unc.edu (919) 962-4932 Research Services (Research Communications & Library Services)
Andrabi Nafeesa nandrabi@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Andres Dawn dsandres@email.unc.edu (919) 962-4933 Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
Angel Bob raangel@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6328 Project Personnel
Angeles Gustavo gustavo_angeles@unc.edu (919) 445-0412 Fellow
Armstrong Emily claemily@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0413 Project Personnel
Atere-Roberts Joelle joelle1@email.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Aung Ther theraung@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Avery Christy L. Christy_avery@unc.edu (919) 966-4312 Fellow
Bailey Kyler kylerb@live.unc.edu Research Services (Information Technology)
Barden-O'Fallon Janine bardenof@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0420 Project Personnel
Baron Deborah dbaron182live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Barrington Clare cbarring@email.unc.edu (919) 966-9009 Fellow
Barry Alimou alimou_barry@jsi.com (919) 445-0421 Visitor
Barry Megan mbarry19@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Bauman Karl E. kbauman@mindspring.com Fellow
Bell Griffin gjbell86@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Bender Deborah E. deborah_bender@unc.edu Fellow
Bentley Margaret E. pbentley@unc.edu (919) 962-6170 / (919) 843-9962 Fellow
Berreth Trevor tberreth@email.unc.edu Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Best Kim kimbest@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Bhushan Nivedita nbhushan@live.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Bielamowicz Rebecca beccajb@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Bilsborrow Richard E. richard_bilsborrow@unc.edu (919) 962-3639 Fellow
Bobrow Emily ebobrow@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Bogdanski Maggie maggieb@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6169 Administrative Services (Proposal Processing)
Bollen Kenneth A. bollen@unc.edu (919) 962-7501 Fellow
Bowling Joni joni_bowling@unc.edu (919) 445-0425 Project Personnel
Brandt Katerina kebrandt@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Branecky Katrina braneckl@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Braudt David dbraudt@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Braudt Kendra kbraudt@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Brietzke Maria brietzke@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Bringe Robert rbringe@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Britton Laura lbritton@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Brodish Paul brodish@unc.edu (919) 445-0429 Project Personnel
Brosh Joanne broshj@email.unc.edu Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Brown Jane D. jane_brown@unc.edu Fellow
Brown Matt mcbtsil@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Brown Shannon shanj5@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0436 Project Personnel
Browne Alyssa alyssarb@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Burns Meredith mejburns@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Burshell Dana burshell@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Burton Frances Dancy frances_dancy@unc.edu (919) 962-6142 Project Personnel
Busbin Chris cbusbin@email.unc.edu Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Busey Emily ebusey@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Cai Yong caiyong@unc.edu (919) 962-5605 Fellow
Calhoun Lisa lisa_calhoun@unc.edu (919) 962-3519 Project Personnel
Cannon Abby accannon@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0432 Project Personnel
Carrier Kathryn carrier@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6146 Project Personnel
Cartwright Alice alicefc@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Case Michael mlcase@email.unc.edu Administrative Services (Proposal Processing)
Casebolt Tara tarameg@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Chandler Natalie natrae@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Chang Wei wei@unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Chen Ping pingchen@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6160 Research Services (Research Programming)
Chen Yunwei ywchen@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Christian Ricky rchristi@email.unc.edu Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
Christman Allan achris@unc.edu (919) 943-1818 Research Services (Information Technology)
Chung Esther eochung@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Coclanis Peter A. coclanis@unc.edu (919) 843-5111 Fellow
Collins Michelle mcc@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6145 Training Program
Connolly Leonela leonela@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
CPC Editing Services cpcedit@unc.edu Other
CPC Library Services cpclib@unc.edu (919) 962-6111 Room Phone
CPC Proposal & Project Services cpcproposals@unc.edu Other
Curtis Siân L. scurtis@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0434 Fellow
Cyr-Scully Ali acyrscul@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Cytryn-Smith Annette annette_cytryn-smith@unc.edu (919) 445-0436 Project Personnel
D'Souza Karishma karishma@unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Davis Heather hbdavis@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9352 Project Personnel
de Milliano Marlous marlous@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Dean Sarah deansa@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6090 Project Personnel
DeAngeles Reed reedd@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Delamater Paul pld@email.unc.edu (919) 962-9102 Fellow
Delaney Lori lori_delaney@unc.edu (919) 962-6157 / (919) 962-6111 Research Services (Research Communications & Library Services)
Dennis Alexis acdennis@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Desorcie Garrett garrett2@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3757 Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
Distler Ashley adistler@email.unc.edu 919 962-6092 Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
Doherty Kathryn dohertk1@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6259 Project Personnel
Dollar Nathan ntdollar@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Dorsey Achsah afdorsey@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Du Shufa dushufa@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6187 Faculty, Non-Fellow
Duffy Emily ebwelker@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Edwards Jess jkedwar@email.unc.edu Faculty, Non-Fellow
Elder, Jr. Glen H. glen_elder@unc.edu (919) 962-4264 Fellow
Emch Michael E. emch@unc.edu Fellow
Entwisle Barbara entwisle@unc.edu (919) 962-6125 Fellow
Escudero Gabriela escudero@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Essman Michael essmanm@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Fajardo Susana susa@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Fax Machine CPC (919) 445-0740 Fax Machine
Fax Machine MEASURE Evaluation (919) 445-9353 Fax Machine
Fehringer Jessica fehringe@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0438 Project Personnel
Fholer Chris fholerc@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0439 Research Services (Information Technology)
Files Laurel A. Laurel_Files@unc.edu Fellow
Finegan Heather hfinegan@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
FitzGerald Ann annafitz@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0454 Project Personnel
Flabbi Luca lflabbi@email.unc.edu (919) 966-2385 Fellow
Fleming Victoria (Parnell) parnellv@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6240 Project Personnel
Franchino-Olsen Hannabeth hbo@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Frank Sarah sfrank@unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Frankenberg Elizabeth e.frankenberg@unc.edu (919) 962-5907 Fellow & CPC Director
Frazier William frazierw@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0437 Project Personnel
Frizzelle Brian brian_frizzelle@unc.edu (919) 962-6163 Research Services (Spatial Analysis)
Fruehwirth Jane Cooley jcooleyf@live.unc.edu (919) 866-4886 Fellow
Gardner Leah lgardne@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0440 Project Personnel
Gardner Webb webb_gardner@unc.edu (919) 445-9273 Project Personnel
Gichane Margaret (Waru) warugich@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Gilleskie Donna donna_gilleskie@unc.edu (919) 966-5372 Fellow
Godinez Isaura isaurag@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Godley Paul pgodley@email.unc.edu Research Services (Web)
Goel Varun varung@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Goodwin Andrea andi15@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Gordon-Larsen Penny pglarsen@unc.edu (919) 962-6110 Fellow
Graff Mariaelisa migraff@email.unc.edu Faculty, Non-Fellow
Granados Evans Cindy cpevans@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Gray Clark cgray@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3876 Fellow
Groner Alexis alg1223@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Groner Janne turtle24@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6119 Research Services (Research Programming)
Guilkey David K. david_guilkey@unc.edu (919) 966-5335 Fellow
Guo Guang guang_guo@unc.edu (919) 962-1246 Fellow
Gupta Lavanya lavanyag@live.unc.edu (919) 962-6257 Project Personnel
Gutierrez Carmen carmen.gutierrez@unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Gutin Iliya igutin@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Hagan Jacqueline M. jhagan@unc.edu (919) 962-2327 Fellow
Haji-Noor Zakiya zaki325@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Halloran Christopher jville@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Halpern Carolyn Tucker carolyn_halpern@unc.edu (919) 962-6155 Fellow
Han Daniel dhan18@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Handa Sudhanshu (Ashu) shanda@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3641 / (919) 843-0350 Fellow
Hargrove Taylor thargrov@email.unc.edu (919) 962-2436 Fellow
Harris Kathleen Mullan kathie_harris@unc.edu (919) 962-6158 Fellow
Hassmiller Lich Kristen klich@unc.edu (919) 843-9932 Faculty, Non-Fellow
Hattori Aiko hattori@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0448 Project Personnel
Hayward George georgemh@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Henderson Richard henderrl@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Hendrickson-Smith Jan jhsmith@unc.edu Training Program
Henson Shea sheah@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0450 Project Personnel
Herfarth Neel neelh@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Higgins Isabella ihiggins@email.unc.edu 919 962-6179 Project Personnel
Highland Heather heather.highland@unc.edu (919) 966-3164 Graduate Research Assistant
Hill Mary Jane hill@unc.edu (919) 962-6165 Research Services (Research Programming)
Hoffman Sarah srhoffma@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Hollingsworth Bridget bhollin@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Hoover Wayne whoover@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Horowitz Jonathan horowit1@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Hou Chien-Yi chienyi@unc.edu (919) 962-6179 Research Services (Web)
Howard Annie Green aghoward@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6164 Fellow
Hoyt-McCullough Ian ianiac@live.unc.edu Research Services (Web)
Huber Katie kmhuber@live.unc.edu Research Services (Research Communications & Library Services)
Hummer Robert rhummer@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6134 Fellow
Hussey Jon M. jon_hussey@unc.edu (919) 962-6138 Fellow
Ifatunji Mosi ifatunji@unc.edu Fellow
Ijdi Rashida ijdi@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Iskarpatyoti Brittany Schriver bschriver@unc.edu (919) 445-0433 Project Personnel
Iwo Rene reneiwo@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Jackson Caroline cjacks@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Jagger Pamela pjagger@unc.edu (919) 962-6254 / (919) 962-6848 Fellow
Jahnke Hannah hjahnke@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Jain Sagar C. sagar_jain@unc.edu Fellow
Jensen Melissa mjensen@unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Jiang Wendi wendij@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9346 Project Personnel
Jin Guifeng gjin@unc.edu (919) 962-5898 Research Services (Research Programming)
Joneydi Amelia amaytan@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Kalleberg Arne L. arne_kalleberg@unc.edu (919) 962-0630 Fellow
Kalsbeek William D. bill_kalsbeek@unc.edu Fellow
Karrigan Keenan keenanke@unc.edu.edu Project Personnel
Kasarda John D. john_kasarda@unc.edu Fellow
Keck Heather hmkeck@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9271 Project Personnel
Keeler Corinna cykeeler@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Kent Elliot elliotk@email.unc.edu 919 962-6148 Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Key (Gruenhagen) Julianne jhg11@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Khan Shusmita shusmita@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Kibria Mohammad kibria@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Kilburn Kelly kkilburn@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Kimaru Linda Visitor
Knippler Elizabeth etk5@unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Kouzoukas Julie jkouzou@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6168 Research Services (Research Programming)
Kramer Melody mjkramer@email.unc.edu Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Kulatilaka Hemali hkulatil@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0455 Project Personnel
Kumar Manish manishk@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0445 Project Personnel
Lacko Allison amlacko@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Lam-McCarthy Melissa melisom@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0446 Project Personnel
Lance Peter pmlance@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3522 Project Personnel
Lane Charlotte clane293@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Lauen Doug dlauen@unc.edu (919) 843-5010 Fellow
Lawton Ralph allchan@live.unc.edu Other
Lee Raney raneylee@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Lekht Arina arina@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0464 Project Personnel
LeMasters Katherine khelen@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Leslie Paul W. pwleslie@unc.edu (919) 962-5300 / (919) 962-1564 Fellow
Levitt Brandt belevitt@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Li Yunlin yunlin@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Lilly Adam adamg93@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Lin Meng-Jung mjlinmj@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Lodge Evans evans_lodge@med.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Loehr Laura lloehr@email.unc.edu Faculty, Non-Fellow
Loo Stephen stephen.loo@unc.edu Research Services (Web)
Lowery Caitlin clowery4@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Luben Erin eluben@unc.edu (919) 445-0456 Project Personnel
Lucas Amy W. amylucas@unc.edu Project Personnel
Lundeen Valerie vlundeen@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
MacLachlan Morag moragm@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Mainwaring Mat matmain@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9347 Project Personnel
Maldonado Luis lmaldon@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Malkova Alina amalkova@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Mandal Mahua mmandal@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6253 Project Personnel
Manrique Ruy rmanrique@unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Markiewicz Milissa milissa@unc.edu (919) 445-0458 Project Personnel
Marrufo Maria marrufo@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6094 Research Services (Research Programming)
Martin Chantel martchan@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Martin Stephanie slmartin@live.unc.edu Fellow
Martinez Rae Anne raeannem@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Maselko Joanna “Asia” jmaselko@unc.edu Fellow
McClure Elizabeth emcclure@unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
McCord Ryan rkmccord@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
McGill Debbie dmcgill@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0443 Project Personnel
McGuire Courtney mcguire7@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3524 Project Personnel
McKee Evie evie_mckee@unc.edu (919) 962-6128 Administrative Services, Deputy Director for
Mediano Stoltze Fernanda fmediano@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Mercer Jeremy jeremyme@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Meyer Jess meyerjmm@live.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Meyer Michele Project Personnel
Miles Donna drmiles@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6149 Research Services (Research Programming)
Millar Elizabeth emillar@live.unc.edu (919) 445-0423 Project Personnel
Monbureau Timothy tim_monbureau@unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Morgan Phil pmorgan@unc.edu (919) 962-3532 Fellow
Morrison Katie kkinsell@email.unc.edu (919) 723-7015 Project Personnel
Moulton Jeremy moulton@email.unc.edu Fellow
Mouw Ted tedmouw@email.unc.edu (919) 962-5602 Fellow
Mozenter Zachary zmozent@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Mulholland Grace gmulholl@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Ng Shu Wen shuwen@unc.edu (919) 962-6188 Fellow
Nicholas Khristopher knicholas@unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Noppert Grace gnop@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
N’Gbichi Jean-Marie JeanMarieNGbichi@icf.com (919) 445-0451 Visitor
O'Hara Rick rjohara@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3518 Research Services (Research Programming)
Obhi Hardeep hkobhi@unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Olivato Fernanda fero@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Olshan Andrew F. andy_olshan@unc.edu (919) 966-7424 Fellow
Ong Lin llinong@unc.edu Project Personnel
Ostrowski Jessica jessica.ostrowski@unc.edu Project Personnel
Padgett Connie CONNIE_PADGETT@unc.edu (919) 962-4260 Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
Parcesepe Angela parcesep@live.unc.edu Fellow
Patel Sheila sheila@unc.edu Project Personnel
Payseur Andrew apayseur@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0449 Project Personnel
Pearce Lisa D. ldpearce@unc.edu (919) 962-6166 / (919) 966-1450 Fellow
Pedit Joe pedit@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Perreira Krista M. krista_perreira@med.unc.edu (919) 962-6152 / (919) 843-4505 Fellow
Perrin David dperrin@unc.edu (919) 817-7412 Research Services (Information Technology)
Peter Klara kpeter@unc.edu (919) 962-6131 Fellow
Pettifor Audrey E. apettif@email.unc.edu (919) 962-2797 / (919) 966-7439 Fellow
Popkin Barry M. popkin@unc.edu (919) 962-6139 Fellow
Prestemon Carmen cepreste@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Qu Lixin lxqu@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Radin Mark mradin@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Rahman Mizanur rahmanm@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Rath Timothy tim_rath@unc.edu (919) 923-3480 Research Services (Information Technology)
Reason Max mreason@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Rebolledo Fuentealba Natalia nataliar@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Renson Audrey arenson@email.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Reynolds Heidi heidi_reynolds@unc.edu (919) 445-0465 Project Personnel
Reynolds Zahra zreynolds@unc.edu (919) 445-0466 Project Personnel
Richardson Liana liana_richardson@unc.edu Fellow
Richey Morgan mrichey@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Rindfuss Ronald R. ron_rindfuss@unc.edu Fellow
Ritter Karen krritter@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Rivkin-Fish Michele mrfish@unc.edu (919) 962-3353 Fellow
Robinson Elizabeth bethrob@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9338 Project Personnel
Robinson Whitney whitney_robinson@unc.edu (919) 966-7940 Fellow
Room 2120 Huddle (919) 962-3263 Room Phone
Room 2130 Conference (919) 962-6181 Room Phone
Room 2132 Huddle (919) 962-6413 Room Phone
Room 2140 Focus (919) 962-6159 Room Phone
Room 2141 Focus (919) 445-0453 Room Phone
Room 2171 Focus (919) 445-0441 Room Phone
Room 2172 Focus (919) 445-9349 Room Phone
Room 2180 Focus (919) 962-5830 Room Phone
Room 2181 Focus (919) 962-6196 Room Phone
Room 2203 Focus (919) 962-6173 Room Phone
Room 3002 Conference (919) 962-3069 Room Phone
Room 3004 Conference (919) 962-6198 Room Phone
Room 3006 Conference (919) 962-6178 Room Phone
Room 3120 Huddle (919) 445-9314 Room Phone
Room 3130 Conference (919) 445-9351 Room Phone
Room 3132 Huddle (919) 445-9335 Room Phone
Room 3171 Focus (919) 445-8311 Room Phone
Room 3172 Focus (919) 445-9326 Room Phone
Room 3180 Huddle (919) 445-9336 Room Phone
Room Freezer Room Phone
Rubalcaba Joaquin Alfredo-Angel jrubalca@email.unc.edu (919) 962-1600 Fellow
Rybinska Anna annar@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Saelim Billy saelim@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0468 Research Services (Web)
Salgado Hernandez Juan Carlos jsalgado@unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Salmon Brianna bmsalmon@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Sanchez Elynn (Kann) elynn@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Scherer Elissa eeelissa@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Schultz Michael schultzm@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Sevier Jonathan jdsevier@live.unc.edu Administrative Services (Support)
Shanahan Michael mjshan@email.unc.edu Other
Shangase Nosipho shangase@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Shartle Kaitlin kshartle@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Shelus Victoria vshelus@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Silverstein Hannah silver24@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Sinai Cyrus csinai@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Singh Kavita singhk@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9272 / (919) 843-5920 Fellow
Sirma Paul psirma@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Sizelove Richard sizelove@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Smith Jamie jmsmith@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3646 Administrative Services (Finance & Human Resources)
Smith Jason jasonsb@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9275 Faculty, Non-Fellow
Smith Natalie natsmith@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Smith Taillie Lindsey smithlp@email.unc.edu (919) 445-8313 Fellow
Song Conghe csong@email.unc.edu (919) 843-4764 Fellow
Speizer Ilene S. speizer@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3513 Fellow
Spencer John john_spencer@unc.edu (919) 445-9276 Project Personnel
Spivey Jackie mjspivey@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Stanford Jessica jessica_stanford@unc.edu (919) 962-6091 Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Stewart Jill R. jill.stewart@unc.edu (919) 966-7553 Fellow
Stewart John F. jfstewar@email.unc.edu Fellow
Stewart Stephanie sns94@email.unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Stinger Gwendolyn gstinger@live.unc.edu Project Personnel
Stoutamire Bethany stoutbet@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Strahley Ashley ashley.strahley@unc.edu (919) 445-9348 Project Personnel
Su Jessica jhs@email.unc.edu Fellow
Suchindran Chirayath M. suchindran@unc.edu (919) 966-7258 Fellow
Suk Ann annsuk@email.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Sutherland Beth beth_sutherland@unc.edu (919) 445-9302 Project Personnel
Swiatlo Alison alison.swiatlo@unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Sylvia Sean sean.sylvia@unc.edu (919) 966-6328 Fellow
Tabor Joshua shua@email.unc.edu Research Services (Information Technology)
Tedford Kathleen tedford@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9337 Project Personnel
Teer Rebecca rebecca_teer@unc.edu (919) 445-9309 Project Personnel
Thirumurthy Harsha harsha@unc.edu Other
Thomas James jim.thomas@unc.edu (919) 962-3636 Fellow
Thompson Amanda L. althomps@email.unc.edu Fellow
Thompson Vaida D. vaida_thompson@unc.edu Fellow
Thorp, Jr. John M. john_thorp@med.unc.edu (919) 843-7851 Fellow
Tien Hsiao-Chuan htien@unc.edu Research Services (Research Programming)
Tippett Rebecca rtippett@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6151 Research Services (Carolina Demography)
Todloski Denise denisebt@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0430 Project Personnel
Touma Fatima ftouma@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Trani Elyssa elyssa_trani@unc.edu Project Personnel
Tremont (Bitar) Gretchen glbitar@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Tumlinson Kat ktumlin@email.unc.edu Fellow
Turchi Boone A. BOONE_TURCHI@UNC.EDU (919) 966-5348 Fellow
Turner Mallory malwolfe@email.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Uhlenberg Peter R. peter_uhlenberg@unc.edu Fellow
Valizadeh Pourya pouryav@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Valverde Osvelia valverde@email.unc.edu 919 962-5907 Administrative Services (General)
Van Acker Leigh Ann leighann@unc.edu (919) 445-0747 Administrative Services (Proposal Processing)
Van Acker Tim tim_vanacker@unc.edu (919) 962-6129 Research Services, Deputy Director for
Van Duinen Ed edv@unc.edu (919) 445-9345 Research Services (Information Technology)
Varela Veronica vcvarela@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Villa-Torres Laura villal@live.unc.edu Visitor
Villella Christina christina.villella@icf.com (919) 445-0444 Visitor
Virkud Arti avirkud@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Voss Paul R. paul_voss@unc.edu Fellow
Vu Huyen huyenvu@email.unc.edu (919) 962-6835 Project Personnel
Wallace Deshira ddwallac@live.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Walls Kristin wallske@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Walsh Christine chriseli@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Walsh Stephen J. swalsh@email.unc.edu (919) 962-3867 Fellow
Wambugu Sam Sam.Wambugu@icfi.com (919) 445-0467 Visitor
Wandell Julie jwandell@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Wang Yiqing yiqing@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Watson-Grant Stephanie watsongr@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9316 Project Personnel
Weaver Emily emweaver@email.unc.edu (919) 445-0463 Project Personnel
Webber Wendy wendy.webber@unc.edu Research Services (Information Technology)
Weir Sharon S. sharon_weir@unc.edu (919) 445-9325 Fellow
Weisshaar Katherine weisshaar@unc.edu (919) 962-1007 Fellow
West Colin ctw@email.unc.edu Fellow
Wilbur Rachel rachel_wilbur@med.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee
Wilkes Elizabeth bwilkes@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9323 Project Personnel
Wilkie Adrien awilkie@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Williams Caitlin caitlin.williams@unc.edu Project Personnel
Wright Maya mayaw27@email.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Wu Yu yuwu5@unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Xiong Khou kxiong@email.unc.edu (919) 445-9324 Project Personnel
Yang Y. Claire yangy@unc.edu (919) 962-3624 / (919) 966-5558 Fellow
Ye Ai awella@live.unc.edu Graduate Research Assistant
Yoon Emily ebford@email.unc.edu Project Personnel
Zalla Lauren zalla@Unc.edu (919) 445-0452 Project Personnel
Zhang Yuan yuansz@email.unc.edu Postdoctoral Scholar
Zivich Paul pzivich@live.unc.edu Predoctoral Trainee

393 entries found

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